KinderWorld Education Group will soon conduct three investment projects in Vietnam ’s northern Vinh Phuc province, said its Chairman Ricky Tan at a roundtable on investment opportunities in the province held in Singapore on July 18.

He said that KinderWorld has so far invested 40 million USD in 15 projects throughout Vietnam , becoming Singapore ’s largest investor in Vietnam ’s education sector.

In the next decade, the group will pour 100 million USD into three projects in Vinh Phuc province, namely the Adventure and Eco-Tourism Education, the Singapore-Vietnam International School and the Singapore Education Metropolis.

“We chose Vinh Phuc as our next destination because of its strategic location, infrastructure and policy relating to foreign investment, especially the policy on land clearance and assignment,” said the Chairman.

Another Singapore-based company wishing to invest in Vinh Phuc province is ReEx Capital Asia, which specialises in clean energy.

Its CEO Yanis Boudjouher said that after this seminar, the company’s officers will go to the province “to talk waste energy opportunities there”.

“It will be great interest for us to go and visit the province in order to see how it can help developers and investors of projects like waste treatment,” he added.

According to Yanis Boudjouher, his company plans to invest in a waste treatment facility in Vinh Phuc province besides the one in Hanoi .

Delegates from Amata Corporation PLC also showed their interest in the investment climate in Vinh Phuc province. Lena Ng, Board advisor, inquired into the province’s policy on personnel training. She said since Amata Corporation PLC set up an establishment in Bien Hoa 20 years ago, the company has benefited from investment in Vietnam thanks to the strong policy of the Vietnamese government.

“We are also looking for expanded projects in other parts of Vietnam ,” she added.

At the round table, Chairman of Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee Phung Quang Hung assured that his province will creates the most favourable conditions for Singapore investors to gain success in the locality.

He revealed that the province is calling for foreign investment in tourism, healthcare and education.

“This time, we are looking towards investors from Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia as the three countries have higher development levels in some aspects than Vietnam and they are suitable for Vinh Phuc to learn from,” he said.

As of June 2014, Vinh Phuc had attracted 158 foreign direct investment projects with a combined registered capital of 3 billion USD. Of which, only seven projects worth 250 million USD were invested by Singapore.-VNA