Flood stricken areas in central Vietnam that are still engaged in clean-up efforts after Typhoon Ketsana wreaked havoc in the area last week are on alert for another typhoon currently churning its way across the northern end of the Philippines’ Luzon island.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, Typhoon Parma made landfall on Oct. 4 and has become the tenth typhoon in the region this year.

At 4pm on Oct. 4 the eye of Typhoon Parma was 19.3 month latitude and 119.8 east longitude, about 890 km away from the Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagos. Strong wind speeds were recorded at 103kph, with gusts up to 230kph.

The typhoon was forecast to move between west-south-west and west at speeds between 5-10kph, with the eye anticipated to reach 19.8 north latitude and 119.4 east longitude at 4pm on Oct. 6, about 840km east-north-east of the Paracel archipelagoes.

Strong force winds near the centre will reach between 118-133kph, with gusts up to 230kph. Sea waters in the north-eastern region of the East Sea are expected to be rough with rains.

Earlier, a committee official announced that Vietnam’s death toll from Typhoon Ketsana had reached 163, with 616 injured and 17 still missing.

Property losses have increased, with the number of houses collapsed and swept away reaching 21,429. Wind blew the roofs off 258,306 houses. Flooding has also damaged 5,280 classrooms, 12,604 clinics and some Communal People’s Committee offices.

Up to 35,741 ha of rice and 44,013 ha of cereal crops have suffered from the inundation and a large number of roads and bridges were damaged./.