Building high-tech farm to grow organic vegetables is a new business model invented by Dang Thi Cuoi and her husband. Organic vegetables were grown in closed space of screen houses.

At first, the soil would be prepared by gas torch instead of using herbicide. Farmers use direct heat from gas torch to kill bad fungi and vermin staying in the soil. This process will leave earth worms unharmed. Then, farmers sow the seeds and close their garden for 20 to30 days. They harvest fresh vegetables after that and the whole process will be repeated.

After 4 years, Cuoi's farm has produced a lot of fresh organic vegetables that customers love. By using right preservation methods, Cuoi's vegetables are always in good condition. The vegetables are still fresh and delicious when they get into consumer's hand. 

Cuoi's organic farm is the answer to the question of how to change traditional farming methods toward more modern ones. Her business model also met increasing demand on organic vegetable in Vietnam./.