The red berry field at Son Xuan commune has been a must-see tourist destination for the red bouncy berries. However, this year, due to reduced yield in the number of red berries, many tourists and visitors are left with dissatisfaction and unpleasant tourism experience.

Due to its growing popularity, many visitors still come to Phu Yen for this particular tourist attraction. Tourists can freely take pictures, however, with other trees, and buy souvenirs such as red berries liquor, red berries seeds.

Son Xuan commune is home to 12 red berries fields which are designated for tourism activities, all of them are developed in the spontaneous direction. So, when their yields are reduced, local authority have been looking for ways to help the farmers.

ation, the attractiveness comes from the unearthed, untouched landscape and its uniqueness with red berry fields as a prime example. Local authority is finding ways to fully tap the abundant natural resources./.