Thai cabinet earmarks over 24 bln baht in subsidiaries for rubber farmers hinh anh 1(Source:

Bangkok (VNA)
Thai cabinet on October 15 approved a 24.278-billion-baht budget for the first phase of income-guarantee subsidy for rubber growers.

The scheme aims to ensure 1.4 million rubber farmers of Thailand have a stable income for six months, starting from October until March next year.

The scheme guarantees the price of premium grade rubber sheets at 60 baht per kilogramme, latex at 57 baht per kg and cup lumps at 23 baht per kg. The maximum guaranteed amount will not exceed 240 baht per kilo for each 1,600 sq.m per year, and will be limited to 40,000 sq.m per farmer. 

The scheme will only cover plantations that are at least seven years old. 

The first round of subsidy, covering October-November, will be transferred to farmers’ bank accounts between November 1 and 15. Meanwhile the payment of the second round will be made in December and January 2020, and the third round in February and March 2020./.