Thailand aims to eliminate AIDS by 2030 hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Bangkok (VNA/NNT) - Thailand's Ministry of Public Health has signed an agreement with 19 public and private agencies to eliminate AIDS from Thailand by 2030. 

Deputy Prime Minister Adm Narong Pipattanasai, as chairman of the national committee for AIDS prevention and control, said on September 13 that the government has fully supported the fight against AIDS in Thailand by allocating sufficient resources and encouraging integrated efforts through its public-private partnership model to decisively reduce the rate of HIV transmission

The government also came to an agreement to realize its 20-year national strategy to eliminate AIDs during 2017-2036. The strategy consists of reducing social inequality, ensuring gender equality and human rights protection, and giving agencies joint responsibilities. The first four years of the strategy will consist of a fast-track effort to achieve 90 percent awareness of HIV, 90 percent coverage of HIV patients, and at least 90 percent control of all HIV cases. 

In 2016, Thailand was able to achieve its first four-year goal of 90 percent awareness of HIV infection. Thailand currently has approximately 500,000 reported cases, 300,000 of whom have received care. The ministry will continue to bring the remaining cases into the healthcare system and campaign to prevent new transmissions in order to attain its goals.-VNA/NNT