Police seize items from the apartment (Source: bangkokpost.com)

Thai police searched an apartment complex in the capital Bangkok’s Din Daeng area and detained three women for questioning on September 13, alleging their involvement in the Sathorn pier bombing on August 18.

At the apartment, police seized luggage, computers, fingerprints and DNA samples to check for links to the Erawan Shrine and Sathorn bombings.

However, no bombs or bomb-making materials were uncovered.

A source from Thai police revealed that three men who were believed to have fled the country had left items at the apartment.

One of the women living in the apartment is thought to have arranged a taxi to bring the Sathorn bomb suspect to the pier.

The Thai police operation was part of an investigation into the Sathorn pier attack which took place one day after the Erawan Shrine bombing that killed 20 people and injured 120 others.

The suspect was caught on CCTV wearing a blue shirt and carrying a bag, leaving it on Taksin Bridge before kicking it into a canal on August 17.

It exploded the following day without causing any casualties.-VNA