Thailand: Gov’t half price campaign not yet final hinh anh 1NESDC Secretary General Tossaporn Sirisamphan (Photo:

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) of Thailand has revealed some conditions have yet to be finalised for the government’s half price campaign, under which participants will receive a half price subsidy on their general purchases with certain limits.

The government’s center for COVID-19 economic recovery had previously approved an idea to launch a campaign where the government would provide a half price subsidy on general purchases made by registered persons, subject to a daily cap and an overall limit in the course of the campaign.

A draft proposal was made for the government to provide 15 million people with 3,000 baht each in subsidies on purchases, which would require a 45 billion baht budget.

According to the current plan, eligible purchases must be made using the government’s G Wallet app, in which users must contribute their own money in order to receive their 3,000 baht subsidy.

NESDC Secretary General Tossaporn Sirisamphan said the measure is still an initiative that the Ministry of Finance may implement, with more details yet to be finalized on the eligibility of participants and shops, the number of persons to receive the benefit, daily cap amount, the registration system, and ways to include hawkers and street vendors.

The Ministry of Finance will have to submit a finalised campaign proposal to the government’s center for COVID-19 economic recovery for approval, with more details expected to emerge at its next meeting./.