Thailand prepares for nationwide lockdown if COVID-19 outbreak worsens hinh anh 1People wear face masks at a shopping centre in Thailand (Photo: VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) – The Thai Government is making preparations to cope with a third-stage outbreak of COVID-19 which would include a countrywide lockdown, according to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

He said on March 18 that Thailand remains at a controllable stage, but he had already ordered preparations be made to cope with a third stage should it eventuate.

Meanwhile, the country’s army began spraying roads in Bangkok with disinfectant on March 19 morning to combat the spread of the SARS-Cov-2. The daily cleaning is carried out from 1am to 5am until the end of March.

Also on March 18, the Thai Ministry of Public Health said 400 beds will be ready in Bangkok hospitals by this week.

Dr Somsak Akhasilp, director-general of the ministry’s Department of Medical Services, called on the public not to worry about a shortage of hospital beds to accommodate virus victims.

He said thanks to strong medical resources management, there will be enough beds and sufficient medical treatment for all patients if the outbreak reaches crisis level.

According to the ministry, "crisis level" would be reached when the number of COVID-19 cases admitted to hospitals exceeds 1,000 per day. Resources would be sufficient to deal with a "critical-level" outbreak, including the provision of an extra 4,000 beds for infected patients.

Thai authorities are working to find space at sports stadiums, apartments and hotels where convalescing patients can be cared for.

Thailand confirmed 35 additional cases of COVID-19 on March 18, raising the total there to 212, including one death./.