Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO) of Thailand revealed that Thai exports rose by 12.3 percent in April due to a higher demand for farm produce

According to the TPSO, Thai exports in April were valued at 18.9 billion USD. This was the 14th consecutive month Thailand had seen positive export figures. Demand for farm products such as durian, rice, cassava and frozen chicken is on the rise, according to the agency. 

The sales of Thai durians worldwide increased by 207 percent to 7 billion THB. With the help of Alibaba Group, the value of durian export to China alone toppled 110 million USD, an increase of 774 percent. 

With these positive figures, the export sector during the first four months of this year expanded 11.5 percent, with a total value of 81.7 billion USD. 

TPSO Director Pimchanok Vonkorporn said on May 23 that the government’s e-commerce policy is on the right track while citing the need to maintain the quality of Thai farm goods in order to stay competitive and meet this year's growth target of 8 percent. 

Also in April, Thai imports, mostly fuel products, were valued at 20.3 billion USD, resulting in a 1.2-billion-USD trade deficit. Despite the trade imbalance, the director claimed fuel products are important to the manufacturing sector. The growing need for fuel means the Thai economy is thriving.-VNA