As many as 100 biogas spherical tanks made of composite materials have been installed for 100 households engaging in poultry breeding to produce cheep energy for their daily use.

This is a follow-up to a biogas development project designed for the Mekong Delta region, which was successfully carried out in Vinh Long province in 2013.

The tanks are expected to aid a total of 600 poultry-breeding households in Tra Vinh access a sufficient amount of daily energy with biogas, which is produced from the decomposition process of animal and plant waste in the absence of oxygen.

The composite tanks are highly durable and productive. It is economically efficient and environmental-friendly, helping reduce environmental pollution and save energy.

Nguyen Duc Thinh, Vice Director of the Rural Community Development and Research Institute said the project will be launched across the region.

From now to 2020, a minimum of 600 composite biogas tanks will be placed in each of the Mekong Delta provinces, he said.-VNA