The number would surpass the targets set by both the Government and the ministry, at around 8%.

Meanwhile, import value is estimated at 367 billion USD in the year, resulting in a trade surplus of some 1 billion USD, fulling the set target, the report says.

In the first half of this year, export-import value was over 371.3 billion USD, including more than 186 billion USD worth of exports, up 17.3% from the corresponding time last year.

The export of the domestic economic sector rose 19.5%, higher the 16.6% increase of the foreign direct investment (FDI) sector, including crude oil, which, the ministry said, reflects efforts by domestic firms in production and business recovery and supply chain resumption amid difficulties.

Notably, during the six-month period, 29 items reported their export turnover surpassing 1 billion USD, four items more than the same period last year, making up 91.2% of the total value.

The ministry said the enterprises have optimised free trade agreements (FTAs), especially new-generation ones, to boost exports./.