The 2013 Trans-Vietnam Cycling programme aimed at raising the public awareness of traffic safety and marine environmental protection will begin on July 4.

Themed ‘For the Homeland’s Sea and Islands’, this year’s programme, the sixth of its kind, is expected to attract more than 150 students and volunteers to bike 1,850 kilometres through 18 provinces and cities from the capital Hanoi to southern Vung Tau city.

The cyclists will participate in various voluntary activities during their month long journey, aiming to raise people’s awareness of the dangers of land mines and unexploded ordnance left over from wars, as well as traffic safety and the protection of the marine environment. They will also call on communities to preserve and promote their traditional cultural values.

The cycling journey is intended to change the perception of students and young people participating in the programme and offer them opportunities to mature through charitable activities for unfortunate people, in addition to allowing them to explore different parts of the country.

The annual event was first launched in 2008 by Green Journey, a non-profit social organisation operating toward the principles of “uniting the community, sharing pain, helping the poor, protecting the environment, and connecting hearts”.-VNA