Accordingly, both sides will execute a flexible aircraft delivery schedule to support Vietjet’s growth plans as traffic across the world continues to recover.

As part of the agreement, Boeing is committed to supporting Vietjet with technical services, training, technology transfer and research & development to ensure lasting and sustainable growth with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and affordability.

Vietjet and Boeing earlier signed order deals totalling 200 B737 Max with maintenance and technical support packages.

The first order for 100 B737 Max in 2016 was a remarkable deal for one of the most modern aircraft models at the time.

In 2019, both parties increased the total order to 200 aircraft, making the order a record for Boeing.

The agreement had been interrupted because of the 737 Max’s suspension and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Boeing's global supply chain. Vietjet’s operations, therefore, have been affected. Despite the challenges, the carrier has weathered through the storm, maintaining operational and financial capability./.