Vietjet’s IPO wins prestigious award for “Best Vietnam Deal” in 2017 hinh anh 1The Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VJC) has received the “Best Vietnam Deal” award.
(Photo: Vietjet Air)

Hong Kong  (VNA) - The Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VJC) has received the “Best Vietnam Deal” award from Asia’s leading publication, Finance Asia, for its IPO held in early 2017.

The criteria for the award not only factored Vietjet’s highly successful IPO but also the airline’s subsequent performance for the rest of the year, which boosted the position of Vietjet in particular but also Vietnam-based companies on the global capital market in general.

Accordingly, the ceremony for the Finance Asia Awards, one of the world’s leading awards for the regional finance industry, took place at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on January 31, 2018. Chu Viet Cuong from Vietjet's Board of Directors represented the airline to receive the award.

Leaving “a series of successful deals” in 2017 behind, Vietjet’s 164 million USD IPO was professionally conducted, involving the consultation of world-renowned law firms and financial institutions for a period of nearly 800 days (due on the listing date, February 28, 2017), and following all the international IPO standards Regulation S.

Earlier, Vietjet was also awarded for “The IPO Deal of the Year 2017” and named “The Company with Best M&A Information Disclosure” at the M&A Awards 2016-2017 Vietnam as part of Vietnam M&A Forum 2017 in Vietnam.

The airline’s 2016 annual report also received a Platinum Award in early 2017 at the Vision Awards 2016 organized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) which ranked Vietjet fourth out of all awardees from the Asia Pacific region and 11th out of 100 worldwide participating businesses. Themed as “the flight to the future”, the 150-paged annual report received top scores for sub-categories, including First Impression, Letter to Shareholders, Report Financials and sustainable development programmes.-VNA