Vietnamese and Australian experts and managers involved in mining held a workshop in Hanoi on June 29 to discuss cooperation in sustainable mineral development.

Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and the Environment Tran Hong Ha said Australia had experience in managing and developing resources safely and ensuring environmental protection and community benefits.

Australian experts shared their practical experience with sustainable development models in mining, their country's policies and regulations for environmental management and issues related to communities within mining areas.

Professor David Mulligan, an expert with 25 years of experience in developing and researching resources, said the Australian Government's cooperation with Vietnam aimed to build a sustainable mining strategy.

Cooperation would focus on raising awareness of best practices in managing the impacts of mineral exploitation on land and under water, he added.

Mulligan said that in Australia, it was necessary to provide mining information for media agencies and pay attention to ensuring benefits for the community, managing water and treating post-exploitation waste.-VNA