The Vietnam Development Partnership Forum (VDPF) 2014, which is scheduled to open in December, will focus on institutional reforms within the Vietnamese economy, strengthening self-reliance and competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy, the Government news portal reported.

Delegates to the forum will discuss about socio-economic performance in 2014 and plans for 2015 as well as economic development orientations for the coming years. There will be two separate sessions on the institutional reforms and on the development of private economic sector in order to build a sustainable and independent economy.

VDPF 2014 will offer a good opportunity for Government agencies and their foreign development partners to exchange views, experiences, and mobilise foreign partners’ support in policy making and solutions to carry out institutional reforms in economic performance in the coming time.

“This is the important moment for Vietnam to implement institutional reforms to be able to achieve robust and sustainable economic growth,” Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh was quoted as saying.

Relating to private sector issue, VDPF 2014 will discuss measures to develop domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); enhance their competitiveness and participation into global value chains, boost supporting industries so as to reduce heavy reliance on foreign raw material suppliers and increase domestic producers’ independence.

According to the Minister Vinh, private sector is a major driving force in every economy. In Vietnam , the sector accounts for a majority of number but fails to play a significant role in the economy. “It is necessary to take measures to develop the private sector especially SMEs,” said Minister Vinh.

The VDPF was held for the first time in 2013, replacing the Consultative Group Meeting of Donors. VDPF has reflected the new position of Vietnam, from being a recipient of official development assistance (ODA) to become a development partner of other countries and international organisations.

At VDPF 2013, the Government and foreign partners approved four groups of actions namely poverty reduction and ethnic minority poverty reduction; strengthening private sector’s access to services and participation in supplying public services; environmental protection; and enhancing competitiveness of labour force through vocational training and skill development.

As scheduled, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will announce a report on the implementation of the groups of actions at VDPF 2014.-VNA