Leading market analysts are forecasting Vietnamese exports to the US of litchi and longans to soar to over 1,800 tonnes annually, radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reported on September 9.

The Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspecition Service has issued a final rule that, effective October 6, will allow imports of litchi and longan fruit from Vietnam into the US.
Specifically, they must be grown at registered location and monitored by the Plant Protection Department and each batch of product must be accompanied with a certificate issued by the Plant Protection Department.

Most importantly, these fruit must be in strict compliance with regulations governing levels of pesticides.

Litchi and longans are Vietnam’s key fruit products for exports, along with dragon fruit, bananas, mangos, star apples, rambutan and grapefruit.

Vietnam expects to earn 1.2 billion USD from fruit and vegetable exports in 2014.-VNA