Prof. Dr. To Ngoc Thanh, on behalf of the Vietnam Folk Arts Association, presented a collection of books on the folk cultures and arts of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam to the Office of the Lao National Assembly in Vientiane on June 24.

The books highlight the most prominent characteristics of the cultures of the 54 races , focusing on their production, social and daily life activities, spiritual life and aesthetics.

They are to bring the Vietnamese culture to the people all over the world, including the fraternal Lao people who share many similarities and stand side-by-side with Vietnam throughout the struggles for national independence and construction, Thanh said.

Deputy director of the Lao National Assembly Office Khamphay Vilaphan said the books will help the Lao people have a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture, thus contributing to the nurturing of the Laos-Vietnam relations.-VNA