Vietnam shares TPP experience with Indonesia hinh anh 1Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga (Source: VNA)
Jakarta (VNA) – Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga, senior advisor to APEC Vietnam 2017, shared Vietnam’s experience in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal during a seminar held in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 10.

Nga, who used to serve as deputy head of the government negotiation delegation for economic and international trade affairs and former deputy head of the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation, said Indonesia meets challenges similar to those faced by Vietnam before joining TPP and negotiating new-generation free trade agreements for 2008-2012.

Vietnam has opened the door, diversified and multilateralised external relations, she said, adding that Vietnam’s entry to the TPP is a diplomatic strategy and an orientation for renovation.

According to her, Vietnam has learnt lesson from overcoming internal economic challenges, including competitiveness and development gap, which, she said, are common challenges faced by TPP member states as well as major economies in the 21 st century.

As a member of the G20 countries, a founder of APEC and a front-runner of ASEAN connectivity, Indonesia should firmly believe in its stature to benefit from TPP, she said.

At the event, Ambassador Nga also answered questions regarding customs fees, institutional reform, market navigation, and the impacts on exports-imports.-VNA