Luu Hong Ngoc, an 18-year-old Vietnamese student has been granted a scholarship to study medicine in Japan to help the country’s northeastern prefecture of Iwate address its serious shortage of fully trained doctors.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said that Luu Hong Ngoc is the first overseas student to be awarded a scholarship to study medicine from a Japanese local government.

She is due to go to Japan this autumn after graduating in Vietnam .

Subsequently, after two years learning Japanese in Japan , she will enroll in a Medical college.

The head of the town of Ichinohe , Akira Inaba, said that after her training, Ngoc will be expected to work in the town for the next ten years.

Ichinohe has a population of 14,000 but has only 4 doctors in private practiceand one hospital. The severe lack of doctors has forced the hospital in Iwate to stop administering certain treatments.-VNA