Vietnam is expected to boost its plastic exports to Cambodia , one of its largest plastic importers after Japan , the US , Germany and Thailand .

According to the Vietnam Plastics Association, in March, Cambodia ’s plastic imports from Vietnam were valued at 8 million USD, raising its total imports in the first quarter of this year to 20 million USD.

Plastic bags were Vietnam ’s major export item at 2.9 million USD, making up 40.2 percent of the country’s export value to Cambodia .

Plastic products used in transport and package accounted for 17.6 percent of Vietnam ’s export revenue with 1.27 million USD.

The bright future for Vietnam ’s plastic exports to Cambodia lies with the strong recovery of the neighbouring country’s demand for plastic products used in daily life and construction, the association said.

It is also attributed to favourable geographical conditions, the close trade ties between the two countries and Cambodian people’s love for Vietnamese products.

However, the association suggested Vietnamese businesses in the industry modernise production technology, improve product quality, lower prices, diversify products and use renewable materials to raise their competitiveness in the market.-VNA