On April 28, an inspection team from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development led by Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien has inspected the quarantine and customs clearance of pork imports in Hai Phong port.

The Deputy Minister has inspected refrigerated containers by him self. The pork was imported mainly from Russia. After that, the inspection team continued to check refrigerated warehouse of HP company where more than 2000 tons of pork were stored.

According to the representatives’ evaluation, imported pork met the standards in terms of quality, frozen persevere spares and freshness. Storage temperature was set at about - 18 degree Celsius to ensure meat quality.

According to the regulator, the volume of imported pork has only reached 50% of the target assigned by the Government, but has tripled that of the same period in 2019. Vietnam has approved for 24 countries to export meat products into Vietnamese market.

Statistics show that over the past 3 months, the amount of pork imported from Russia reached about 2,400 tons, of which 85.24% of the total amounts, equivalent to 2,010 tones, came from Miratorg – the largest meat distributors in Russia.

The average import price is about 2.55 USD  per kg, equivalent to 60,000 VND per kg, depending on the type of product./.