On the occasion of the Hung Kings Temple Festival, scheduled to take place between April 20 and 25 in Phu Tho province, Xoan singing performances will be held between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm every day. One these days, Xoan singers are actively practicing to prepare for the event.

At the Mieu Lai Temple in Kim Duc commune, there are three of four Xoan singing guilds of Viet Tri town practicing. They are preparing their best performances for the upcoming Hung Kings Temple Festival.

Sharing his joy as Xoan singing is performed to serve tourists, Le Xuan Ngu, Leader of Phu Duc Xoan Singing Guild in Kim Duc commune, Viet Tri town, Phu Tho province said: "We have practiced regularly to serve visitors to the festival. Along with singing, we will provide explanation to help visitors understand more about the meaning and value of this type of folk singing."

The northern province of Phu Tho launched a daily tour from Hanoi to the land of Hung Kings in early April, allowing tourists to explore traditional Xoan singing. The tour is designed to boost tourism and preserve the local intangible heritage.

The new tour is not only vital for Phu Tho to attract more visitors but also helps the province preserve its cultural heritage, Xoan singing, which was put on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity in December last year.

Over the last six years, Phu Tho has worked to safeguard the folk music genre. It has established several Xoan singing clubs and taught it at schools across the province while training on Xoan singing performance has been also provided for promising singers.-VNA