Yamaha Vietnam is recalling 83,000 Nozza scooters nation-wide due to possible gasoline leakages from the pipe connecting the fuel tank to the engine.

The Yamaha motorbike maker said it will fix and replace all the pipes and their holding systems, which were not correctly assembled and positioned during manufacture.

They said that frequently used motorbikes were more likely to suffer leaks.

The recall applies to the model produced between August 20, 2011 and March 30, 2013, Yamaha Vietnam said.

Nozza owners could bring their bikes to Yamaha dealers for the repair and replacement work, which would take about 30 minutes and be free of charge, the company said.

Yamaha Vietnam ’s parent company, Yamaha Motor Corp, recalled all 2009 Zuma 125 (YW125Y) scooters in February, about 8,700 units, because internal fuel pump components were not properly cleared.

Any fault could have led to an inadequate supply of fuel causing the engine to stall, increasing the risk of a crash.

Honda Vietnam last year also recalled some 152,050 Wave RSX motorbikes due to rear lamp problems./.