Bac Giang puts science and technology to the test in agricultural production hinh anh 1Science and technology applied in agricultural production to increase output (Photo: VNA)
Bac Giang (VNA) – The northern province of Bac Giang is stepping up the application of science and technology in agricultural production to improve its value and increase farmers’ income.

The province hopes that its quality rice area will reach 55,000 hectares, and the output will be nearly 357,500 tonnes, meeting both domestic consumption and export demands.

The total area of fruit trees will be about 55,000 hectares, with focus on growing lychee, citrus (orange, pomelo), longan, custard apple, pineapple and guava following VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards.

By 2030, the province will also expand its vegetable production area to 28,000 hectares, which can produce an output of about 554,400 tonnes. Of the total, the area of safe vegetables grown according to VietGAP standards will be 12,500 hectares, with an output of around 272,500 tonnes.

At the same time, the locality will maintain the breeding of 1-1.2 million pigs, and 22-25 million poultry.

To that end, Bac Giang will promote the transfer and application of scientific and technological advances in agricultural, forestry and fishery production. Accordingly, the province focuses on applying good agricultural practices (VietGAP, GlobalGAP), clean production technology and biotechnology; develop organic agriculture; ensure food safety and hygiene; and protect the environment.

The locality will encourage the building of ecological and environment-friendly agricultural models such as organic agriculture and closed-loop circular agriculture.

Bac Giang puts science and technology to the test in agricultural production hinh anh 2Science and technology applied in agricultural production to increase output (Photo: VNA)
In addition, Bac Giang will strengthen mechanisation in production, harvesting, preservation and processing to improve the productivity, quality and competitiveness of agricultural products. The focus is to connect with other sectors and fields to form smart agricultural production adaptive to climate change and diseases.

Since 2021, Bac Giang has paid attention to applying science and technology to agricultural production. The province has researched and piloted the plantation of new pure rice species with high yield and good quality suitable to the growing areas and ecology of the province. The idea behind the move is to select two species with the best yield and quality for both domestic consumption and export.

In addition, the province has transferred, received and mastered 14 techniques for growing vegetables. Notably, it has successfully built a model of growing vegetables in simple net houses following VietGAP standards. It has also established a product quality safety monitoring system, issued VietGAP certificate for safe vegetables, and built a model to preserve vegetables using environmental control technology, with a scale of 100-200 tonnes per store.

Bac Giang has also developed animal husbandry by expanding the application of high technologies, developing environmentally friendly farms, and ensuring disease safety and traceability.

The provincial science and technology sector has consulted the provincial People's Committee and the Ministry of Science and Technology to out scientific and technological research and application tasks at the national and provincial levels on the conservation and development of precious livestock breeds with high economic value. These include the six-claw chicken in Son Dong; snakehead in Hiep Hoa; trionychidae turtle in Viet Yen district, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang city, and white horse in Luc Ngan.

The province also boasts 80,000 hectares of production forests. Bac Giang will promote the mechanisation and application of science and technology; improve productivity, quality and efficiency of production forests in the direction of optimising the production system, and the value chain of forest products.

Bac Giang will invest in intensive farming and apply techniques to improve the productivity and quality of forests, and plant new varieties with high yield and quality.

In 2022, the production value of the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector in Bac Giang province increased by 2.1% compared to the previous year to reach nearly 37.70 trillion VND./.