Six of the top 10 commercials out of more than 200 TV commercials are in the beverage industry, according to a survey released April 21 by research firm Cimigo.

Brands with the top TV commercials in this category are Vinamilk, Pepsi and Dutch Lady. The top three, however, are all taken by Vinamilk.

"The commercials of Vinamilk are very targeted to the need of Vietnamese consumers and successfully tap into emotions," said Lukas Mira, author of the study.

"Vinamilk commercial often use a simple but powerful humour that resonates well in Vietnam . And the commercials have a very simple message that is understood by everybody."

Other top TV commercials often come from international brands, such as Omo, Heineken or Ajinomoto.

Most of the top 10 have been executed very simply, with little voiceover and a clear and creative story.

Humour is a powerful instrument not only to entertain the audience, but also to create a strong and positive link to the brand for consumers, according to the study's result.

Of the top 10 TVCs, six successfully use humour in some way. The commercials are not only considered entertaining, but they also create a higher likelihood for people to purchase the product.

Humour is often linked to a creative hook that makes the commercials surprising and differentiate the brand at the same time.

Another way to create an impact is to tap into emotions. Emotional values can create a strong bond between the audience and the brand, with a high impact on brand perception and purchase intent.

Very strong emotions can be created around family, children and special events such as Tet (lunar new year) or corporate social responsibility.

"Vietnamese consumers are very receptive towards corporate social responsibility. Two of the top 10 commercials use this concept. These commercials are considered as inspiring and believable and tell consumers something new," said Lukas Mira.

The survey was conducted online among the urban Vietnamese population. Every commercial was assessed on 24 different metrics by at least 150 people of its target audience.

Overall, more than 30,000 people participated in this study and rated more than 200 commercials from 13 different industries./.