The number of enterprises established in the first five months of this year increased 4.8 percent to reach 31,009, according to the Department of Business Registration Management.

Bui Anh Tuan, the Department's Deputy Director, said that for the first time, this number was up from the previous year. In the three-month and four-month periods, the numbers were 14 percent and 1.2 percent lower than 2012.

Southern Tra Vinh, Dong Thap and Binh Dinh provinces saw the most newly-founded enterprises in the five-month period, with rates of 188 percent, 90.9 percent and 78.5 percent respectively.

Sectors which experienced high increasing rates saw fewer enterprises founded, such as financial, banking and insurance (down 6.8 percent), construction (down 7.1 percent) and real estate business (down 14.3 percent).

Fewer enterprises were dissolved in May, with only 570, a reduction of 27.1 percent over last month. About 3,020 enterprises halted operations, 15.4 percent and 13.5 percent lower than last month and last year.

These figures show that while the business climate is improving, difficulties continue for enterprises.

Tuan pointed out that the number of enterprises that temporarily halted construction in the five-month period still experienced a 13 percent increase. However, this was still good news, as it indicated a steady decline from the 26.1 percent increase of the three-month period and 16.9 percent increase of the four-month period.-VNA