China allows resumption of fresh chili import from Vietnam

The General Administration of Customs of China has allowed the import of Vietnamese fresh chilies again after a long negotiation process. The Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said so far, five Vietnamese exporters have received permits to export the product to China under strict requirements, especially those in plant quarantine.

The department said all shipments must be quarantined by relevant Vietnamese units with clear notes of relevant technical parameters in the phytosanitary certificate.

In the time to come, in order for the Chinese side to accept more packaging facilities of Vietnam, the department will coordinate with localities to guide them on how to meet requirements of the Chinese side. It will make recommendations on a list of more exporters to the General Administration of Customs of China for approval.

Earlier in 2020, China requested Vietnam to temporarily suspend the exports due to the presence of harmful fruit fries on the product.

The Plant Protection Department called for coordination of all localities, businesses and farmers to ensure that Vietnamese fresh chilies meet import requirements of China./.