The disbursement of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of the year reached 6.3 billion USD, up 9.6 percent from a year ago.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment's Foreign Investment Agency said that the country attracted 5.49 billion USD in FDI during the January-June period, or 80.2 percent of the figure in the first six months of last year and the lowest since 2012.

In the first half of the year, 750 new FDI projects were granted investment certificates, with total registered capital worth 3.84 billion USD, or 79 percent of the number during the same period last year. Some 280 projects increased their registered capital by a total of 1.65 billion USD, or 83 percent of last year's figure in the first half.

According to the agency, the number of newly granted projects increased 15 percent year on year but there were no large-scale projects, which marked a reduction in registered capital.

During the period, most of the FDI went into the processing and manufacturing industries, with 338 new projects and 190 increasing capital worth 4.16 billion USD, accounting for 76 percent of the total capital.

The property sector took the second position, with 11 new projects registered and 7 increasing capital with a total of 465.5 million USD. It was followed by the wholesale, retail and repair sectors, with 119 new projects and 26 increasing capital, with total capital worth 276.5 million USD.

The Republic of Korea overcame 48 countries and territories to become the top investing country in Vietnam, with total registered capital worth 1.52 billion USD, followed by British Virgin Islands, with 684,8 million USD.

Turkey and Hong Kong held the third and fourth positions, with a total investment of 660.2 million USD and 627.5 million USD, respectively.

Some of the large projects that were granted licences during the period include the 660-million USD Hyosung Dong Nai, invested by Turkey to produce yarn in Dong Nai Industrial Zone; Worldon Vietnam Company, with 300-million USD investment to produce high-end garment and textile products in HCM City; Lu Thai Vietnam worth 160.8 million USD in Tay Ninh Province; and the 120-million USD Tra Vinh 1 wind power project in Tra Vinh Province. The ministry expects the annual FDI to reach 23 billion USD. As only 23.8 percent of the target could be met in the first six months, the country will need to attract new projects with larger investments over the remainder of the year to achieve the target.-VNA