Endangered sea turtle rescued in Quang Nam hinh anh 1A green sea turtle is rescued on the beach of Thang Binh district of Quang Nam province. (Photo courtesy of Cham Islands MPA)

Quang Nam (VNS/VNA) - A female sea turtle that was rescued by a fisherman in Thang Binh district has been handed over to rescuers of the Da Nang-based SaSa Marine animals rescue team.

The Cham Island’s Marine Protected Area (MPA) management board confirmed to Vietnam News that the green turtle (Lepidochelys Olivacea) was found by a local fisherman on the beach of Thang Binh of Quang Nam province early this month.

It had suffered serious injuries with two-thirds of its rear limbs and part of its shell cut.

Head of the SaSa team Le Chien said the turtle might have been attacked by a shark in the ocean.

He said the turtle tried to survive in the ocean after the shark attack, but became exhausted and stranded on the beach.

Chien said the turtle was X-rayed and cared for at a pool in Da Nang, but it would be tough to recover from the wounds.

He has been in contact with experts from the US to help the turtle recover.

In February, the team and the MPA management board rescued and released a healthy female olive ridley turtle – an endangered species – to the ocean after five months of care at the MPA.

The Cham Island MPA said at least 30 sea turtles had become trapped in fishing nets off the islands since 2018. Two-thirds die after becoming entangled.

Only seven species of sea turtle exist in the world, and five of those are found living in Vietnam./.