Enterprises promote digital transformation in response to changes amid pandemic hinh anh 1Illustrative image

Hanoi (VNA)
– Enterprises in Vietnam and around the world have become familiar with the virtual working environment, gradually changing their operational models during the COVID-19 outbreak. The use of technology and digital platforms has increased significantly.

Experts said this is the time for Vietnamese businesses to adopt the digital economy, and move towards working more efficiently and extending their reach to the world.

Preparing financial and human resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a strong blow to all industries and fields but it promotes the development of infrastructure for technology and digital transformation, putting pressure on businesses to urgently implement digital transformation.

According to analysis firm IDC’s forecast in 2019, worldwide spending on digital transformation will grow by 17.1 percent over the next five years, reaching 2.3 trillion USD in 2023.

The digital economy is projected to make up some 20 percent of Vietnam’s GDP over the next decade. The next five to 10 years will be an important phase of digital transformation. 

The World Economic Forum predicts that, by 2022, the digital economy will account for 60 percent of the world’s GDP.

Thanks to the 4th Industrial Revolution and the boom of the Internet, every business is more equal in this playground. The game is not only for tech giants, but those specialising in other areas.

Every business has the opportunity to promote digital transformation by building it into a digital business.

To realise the goal, businesses need to have a detailed plan for budget allocation for digital initiatives and solutions as well as spending on human resources.

Speaking at a recent conference held in Ho Chi Minh City,  Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh stressed that high quality human resources will play a decisive factor in the success of the country’s digital transformation process.

The government has identified digital transformation as one of the most important long-term goals amid the COVID-19 outbreak, he said.

The country aims to form a digital government, economy and society while simultaneously establishing digital businesses that have a global competitive capacity.

In addition to a high-quality workforce, science and technology application as well as innovations are also important to reach these goals, according to Minh.

The country lacks at least 400,000 trained staff in the information technology sector, and IT training programmes have not met the demand, he noted. 

The government has approved a national digital transformation programme, which sets a target of becoming a digital society over the next decade.

Enterprises promote digital transformation in response to changes amid pandemic hinh anh 2Illustrative image

Application of appropriate technologies

The most crucial factor for a business to implement digital transformation is the integration of technology and digitalisation into the organisation's business activities.

Digital transformation requires enterprises to have a determination to change, to challenge habits, and to constantly test new things. For this reason, many businesses are meeting difficulties in this work, especially those that are new to digital technology platforms.

MobiFone was one of the pioneers in providing digital transformation solutions for businesses.

With its agility in fully tapping the development trend of the technology market, MobiFone has early led the market by offering a series of package solutions for businesses.

Outstanding solutions of MobiFone include E Office - paperless office solutions; MobiCA electronic signature, which helps organisations and enterprises manage and operate effectively, quickly and economically office operations and administrative processes; Mega Meeting - multi-functional online meeting solution; 3C switchboard solution - a tool to help improve the quality of multi-channel customer service for businesses; and m Invoice.

mSale and mShop are solutions to help enterprises manage revenue and sales activities.

Notably, Smart Broadcasting solution, text-to-voice solution MobiFone, AI, mAICallCenter, MobiFone Go and Airtime Plus of MobiFone won major awards at the International Business Awards – IBA Stevie Awards.

Enterprises promote digital transformation in response to changes amid pandemic hinh anh 3Illustrative image

Recently, the Vietnam National Brand Programme 2020 also honoured five digital solutions of MobiFone, including MobiFone smart communication solution; 3C MobiFone contact centre; mSale MobiFone; application communication solutions BigData MobiFone; solution system of value-added service distribution and digital product mSocial MobiFone.

With its creativity and efforts in finding new and modern technological solutions, MobiFone affirms that it will be a reliable partner and always ready to accompany businesses in the digital transformation process, contributing to speeding up the process of national digitalisation in the future./.