Ethnic jewelry museum opens to visitors

An ethnic jewelry museum and a museum dedicated to the Nguyen Dynasty, have recently opened to the public in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite their modest size, these museums hold the potential to draw both domestic and international visitors interested in exploring the nation’s rich history.

The two museums are part of the Do Hung Private Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, which showcases a collection of artifacts curated by its founder, Do Hung.

Aged 56, Hung stated that he established the museum not just as a hobby but out of a sense of responsibility to the community. He initially invested over 15 billion dong and, together with his team, spent six months preparing for the opening.

His goal is to showcase items collected over 30 years, aiming to introduce visitors to the beauty of traditional artifacts and contribute to preserving the cultural essence of the nation.

The museum's collection includes sets of jewelry from Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups, reflecting each group's aesthetic beliefs, rituals, and customs throughout history.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty Museum exhibits items from the Nguyen royal family.

The Do Hung Private Museum is located on Nguyen Hue street in District 1.

It displays hundreds of items from the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) arranged according to themes.

The museum helps conserve jewelry and historical artifacts for future generations, showcasing the creativity and cultural essence of Vietnamese ethnic groups and the last feudal dynasty.

The Do Hung Private Museum aims to enhance public awareness of intangible and tangible cultural heritage, particularly traditional jewelry and Nguyen Dynasty history.

It also serves as a cultural bridge among ethnic groups, fostering unity and community cohesion while promoting Vietnam's image and culture internationally.

At the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty Museum, visitors can enjoy a free check-in service with replicas of royal insignia, the Queen's palanquin, the Queen's sedan chair, as well as replicas of royal attire recreated to match the originals in detail and color./.