Vietnam's exports to most large African countries have surged over the past 10 months, according to the General Customs Department.

The country's exports to Nigeria soared 100 percent against last year to reach 100 million USD.

Key export items included computers, electronics and components, transport equipment and garments.

Export earnings from Angola and the Ivory Coast also rose considerably, increasing by 80 percent to 102.14 million USD and 54 percent to 211 million USD, respectively.

Three other markets recorded high growth rates: Egypt (28 percent to 261.39 million USD), Ghana (59 percent to 176 million USD) and Algeria (35 percent to 110 million USD).

Conversely, export turnover to South Africa and Senegal declined sharply. The South Africa market went down 70 percent to 534 million USD mainly due to a slump in demand for Vietnamese precious stones and metals, while the latter sank 53 percent to 86.45 million USD against the same period last year as the country shifted to cheaper Indian rice.

Currently, eight reviewed countries accounted for 68 percent of Vietnam 's total export value to the African bloc.

Experts urged Vietnamese businesses to be proactive in overcoming obstacles such as geographic distance, high transport costs, trading through intermediaries and language barriers.

Domestic businesses should also step up marketing activities, conduct market surveys, join biddings for construction projects and seek more chances to export construction materials, said Ly Quoc Hung, director of the Africa-West-South Asia Markets Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.-VNA