The central city of Da Nang has worked out a programme to develop support industry products by 2030 in a bid to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI).

It has also screened a range of projects for calling investment and exploiting the advantages of its position as a key economic zone in the central region and the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC).

Over the past five years, FDI enterprises have fostered local economic growth, created more jobs, boosted exports and encouraged technical innovation, especially in the support industry and commercial services.

Despite a slow increase in the number of FDI enterprises involving in producing for-export items, the FDI sector has increased significantly its export-sourced contribution to the local economy.
The sector’s export earnings reached nearly 76.3 million USD, accounting for 28.6 percent of the city’s export turnover in 2001. It hit 474 million USD and 52.96 percent in 2012.

Moreover, FDI businesses have also increased their participation in the city’s retail sales, evidenced by the establishment of Metro Cash and Carry, Big C and Lotte Mart, serving a wide range of choices.
Despite achieving some good results, the attraction of FDI projects, especially those using high technology, remained low. Environmental protection standards of some FDI projects have yet been complied with strictly.

In the first nine months of this year, the city granted investment certificates to 26 FDI projects with a total of 33.7 million USD in new investment, three more projects than the same period last year, and agreed with the expansion schemes of 13 projects with an added investment of 140.7 million USD, up 4.9 percent year on year.

At present, Da Nang has 268 FDI projects with capitalising at 3.2 billion USD, of which 1.65 billion USD have been realised, accounting for 51.6 percent of the total registered capital./.