FPT Software aims to earn 1 billion USD in revenue, employ 30,000 workers, and join more software outsourcing markets in 2015.

The firm will boost development strategies in main markets, such as develop solutions and services based on modern technology in the United States and train 10,000 engineers for the Japanese market, Nguyen Thanh Lam, General Director of the firm, told a recent conference in Hanoi to summarise the company's activities in 2014.

Lam pointed out that in the period 2004-2013, FPT Software's average growth rates in revenue and human resources were 49 percent and 43 percent respectively.

In 2013, its revenue rose to a record 100 million USD, and the enterprise aimed to earn 130 million USD and have 6,500 employees in the following year. In fact, its revenue increased by 35 percent to touch 138 million USD in 2014. The firm had more than 7,000 employees, with nearly 1,000 people working in its 19 offices in nine countries.

FPT Software also won bids in important markets such as the United States, European Union and Japan last year. In the United States, the Vietnamese company continued its cooperation with DIRECTV, an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider. FPT Software is in charge of developing advanced technologies for broadcasting services that DIRECTV provides on a global scale.

In 2014 alone, the American market brought nearly 40 million USD for FPT Software, with a growth rate of 39 percent. Its revenue in the European Union reached nearly 20 million USD, with a significant growth rate of 117 percent. Japan alone contributed half of the firm's total revenue.-VNA