A certificate of geographical indication (GI) for the Buon Ma Thuot coffee trademark in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak has helped increase the value of coffee beans shipped abroad, according to the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association.

As many as 10 coffee producers in the province are entitled to use the GI. They are managing a combined coffee growing area of 15,067 ha, yielding around 46,620 tonnes of coffee beans annually.

Protected geographical indication (PGI) for Buon Ma Thuot coffee was registered in Vietnam in 2005. The province has been completing necessary procedures to gain PGIs in 15 countries and territories in the world.

GI-certificated coffee beans shipped by the Dak Lak September 2nd Import - Export Co., Ltd are highly valued by Japanese importers and processors. These products are purchased at higher prices than those without the GI.

To ensure the quality of coffee products in line with the requirements of the international market, management agencies and coffee producers have instructed local growers to follow standardised coffee-growing models so that their products are able to get certifications granted by UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance, the two organisations tasked with promoting sustainable farming.

The local authorities have also encouraged coffee processing enterprises, which are allowed to use the GI, to label their products with the Buon Ma Thuot coffee trademark and tell customers more about the distinctive characteristics of certificated coffee products.

The province plans to continue expanding coffee-growing areas licensed to use the PGI and will call for the support of the European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project (EU-MUTRAP) to help Buon Ma Thuot coffee enter the European market soon.

Dak Lak now has more than 203,500 ha of land under coffee cultivation, generating 430,000 tonnes of coffee beans a year.-VNA