Hanoi’s consumer price index (CPI) in February increased by 1.98 percent over last month and 11.72 percent compared to the same period last year, the Hanoi Statistics Office (HSO) said.

Of the 11 consumption categories, only post and telecom services remained unchanged in comparison with last month.

The biggest price hikes in the month were seen in food and restaurant service staples with 4.17 percent, including food up 5.37 percent, followed by drinks and cigarettes group with an increase of 2.25 percent.
Footwear and garment staples, tourism and recreation services saw an increase rate below 1 percent.

According to HSO analysts, foodstuffs prices are rose strongly in February as a result of high demand during the busiest season of the Lunar New Year festival.

Within the month, the gold price fell by 0.7 percent month-on-month but increased 34.67 percent over the same period last year while the US dollar price was slightly up, by 0.74 percent month-on-month and increased 9.63 percent over the corresponding period last year./.