Meritorious Artist Le Chuc, Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Stage Artists Association at the press conference on October 23 (Photo:
 Hanoi (VNA) – Around 60 plays by artists from over 20 countries have registered to take part in the 3rd International Experimental Theatre Festival, which will be held from November 12-19 in Hanoi. 

Among the entries, 23 plays by artists from China, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Singapore, Hungary, Germany, France and Vietnam, among others have been selected to perform at the festival, which is co-organised by the Vietnam Stage Artists Association and the Performing Art Bureau (under Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism).

The event provides an opportunity for domestic and international artists to exchange experiences and raise the level of expertise and artistic quality, said Meritorious Artist Le Chuc, Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Stage Artists Association at a press conference on October 25 in Hanoi. 

It also encourages Vietnamese artists to create more high-quality art works, contributing to construction and development of the country’s culture and people, he added.

Apart from official performances, academic discussions on experimental initiatives of performances will take place during the event.

The opening ceremony will take place on November 13 at the Hanoi Opera House. There will be two to three performances a day at theatres in the city. 

“Experimental Theatre” is a term showing avant-garde nature of theatre artistic movements aiming at theatre innovation. Its purpose is to enrich theatrical art by innovating its form as well as its structure. 

The first and second festivals were successfully held in Vietnam in 2002 and 2006 respectively with the participation of numerous delegations from China, Laos, Cambodia, the RoK and France, among others.-VNA