The June consumer price index (CPI) in Ho Chi Minh City increased 0.62 percent over May and 0.78 percent against the same period last year, the municipal Statistics Office said on June 22.

The average CPI in the first six months increased 0.65 percent compared to the same period last year.

Seven of 11 main commodity groups in the CPI brackets showed price increases, led by pharmaceutical products and medical services, which jumped 3.98 percent since last month. It was followed by transport (3.94 percent), culture-entertainment (0.39 percent), food and restaurant services (0.32 percent), garment and footwear (0.03 percent), and home appliances (0.01 percent).

The CPI for food and restaurant services increased due to hikes in the price of food by 0.62 percent.

Price decreases were seen in goods and other services by 0.05 percent and in housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials by 0.1 percent.

Telecommunications and education prices remained stable in June.

The price of gold decreased by 0.51 percent while the US dollar exchange rate rose 0.71 percent.-VNA