Ho Chi Minh City will host a seminar on April 24 for businesses, experts, advertising companies and market research firms to get deeper understanding of the potential of mobile marketing.

According to organizers Goldsun Focus Media, Vietnam had around 35.4 million internet users as of 2012, of which 19 million used their mobile devices to access the net.

The rapid growth has opened up opportunities for companies to capitalise on mobile marketing.

Last year many famous brands did just that. Coca Cola’s mobile advertising campaigns, for instance, attracted 76,000 click views and 34,300 clicks for download.

Starbucks’ mobile marketing campaign has on average 2.1 million clicks per day.

Goldsun Focus Media introduced the SoSmart mobile marketing solution last year with many applications.

SoSmart owns a mobile marketing network with more than 14 million mobile internet users.-VNA