Ho Chi Minh City 's consumer price index in May rose 2.38 percent against last month, a 16.23 percent rise compared to the same period last year, according to the municipal Statistics Office.

The index rose by 10.86 percent compared to December, 2010.

Of the commodities, only post and telecom services had their prices dropped.

The commodities posting the highest growth were medicines and medical services, food and restaurant services, housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials, and transportation services.

Other commodities, including garment, headwear and footwear; household utensils and appliances; cultural, entertainment and tourism services; beverages and cigarettes; and education services saw slight increases.

According to market experts, retail prices of foodstuff continued to surge 2.05 percent due to a price hike of cereals and processed food. Besides, wholesale and retail prices of rice still stood at a high level due to impacts of rice purchase for exports.

In the foodstuff group, after experiencing a price hike last month, prices of raw poultry, processed meat, eggs and cooking oil continued to climb.

In the housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials group, gas prices jumped by 5.97 percent, petroleum, up 5.98 percent, cement, up 6 percent, while construction steel prices dropped slightly by 2 percent.

The price of transportation services increased as petroleum prices rose by 2,000 VND per litter from March 29.

Also during this month, gold prices rose 1.57 percent while US dollar prices fell 2.66 percent against the previous month./.