The consumer price index (CPI) of Ho Chi Minh City in August increased by 0.68 percent over last month, said the municipal Statistics Office.

The index represented a rise of 13.49 percent from early year and 18.98 percent over the same period last year, the source added.

The biggest price hike in the month was seen in goods and services, up with 1.52 percent.

It was followed by foodstuff and restaurant services with 0.99 percent, the lowest monthly increase since the beginning of the year . Market researchers attributed the moderate rise to lower consumption of poultry and cattle meats in July - the vegetarian month.

The education group saw an increase of 0.96 percent due to the beginning of a new academic year.

Other groups such as housing, electricity, water and fuel increased by 0.79 percent and garment-footwear up 0.71 percent.

Of the consumption categories, only transport services remained unchanged in comparison with last month and post and telecom services decreased by 0.15 percent.

During this month, gold price soared 8.76 percent against last month while the price of US dollar was up 0.15 percent./.