Improving solid waste management capacity using remote sensing technology hinh anh 1A solid waste treatment plant under construction. (Photo:
Hanoi (VNA) – The Department of National Remote Sensing under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has just developed a project on monitoring waste dumping sites nationwide using remote sensing technology.

The project aims to improve solid waste management capacity at the central and local levels by using remote sensing technology while helping to update and improve the operational efficiency of the database on solid waste.

Le Minh Son, director of the Central Remote Sensing Station, said once completed, it will help reduce costs in updating information and data, bringing long-term economic benefits. 

The project will also help enhance management capacity of domestic waste, contributing to effectively serving the managing and planning of landfills, waste treatment areas and environmentally sensitive areas, he said.

Currently, Vietnam has 660 waste disposal sites that receive around 20,200 tonnes of waste per day. Of these, only 30 percent meet hygiene requirements.

Most landfills do not have compactors, gas collection systems, environmental monitoring systems and are poorly managed./.