Indonesia’s Bureau of Logistics (Bulog) is buying 300,000 tonnes of rice from Vietnam until the end of 2012 to maintain its rice reserve, said Deddy Saleh, director general of foreign trade under the Indonesia ’s Ministry of Trade.

He said the agency is also tendering for a 100,000 tonnes of rice from India , as it offers a cheaper price than that of Thailand .

The Indonesian Government has allocated quota for Bulog to buy 1 million tonnes of rice, while last month, Bulog said it would import between 500,000 to 770,000 tonnes of rice this year.

Earlier, Indonesia signed MoUs to import 100,000 tonnes of rice from Cambodia , 1 million tonnes from Thailand , 1.5 million tonnes from Vietnam and 200,000 tonnes from Myanmar .

The country’s rice output is expected to reach 39 million tonnes this year, according to the Central Statistics Agency.-VNA