Businessmen representing Israeli technological firms have promoted products said to ease congestion on mobile and internet networks.

Earlier in the week, the three main Vietnamese telecom firms, Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone met in Hanoi with the businessmen, who were sponsored by the Israeli Embassy.

One of the businessmen at the October 22 function, Andrew Fisher, from Vasona, said his company could help operators spend up to 20 percent less and provide better quality.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh, co-founder of Destcom Joint Stock Company, said he was "very interested" in the solutions.

"They will be good for small network providers who do not have money to invest in building signal-transmission stations," he said.

PeerApp Company's representative in Singapore , Patrick Duncan, said that operators spent an average 10 USD a month to buy one megabyte (MB) from international providers.

"If the operators save 20 gigabytes (GB), it amount to about 200,000 USD. I don't know how much VND is that but it is a lot," he said.

"The band width of Vietnamese firms ranges from 10GB to 120GB. Viettel, the largest operator in the market, understands the pain (of paying so much), and it's going to get worse. The two other operators range in capacity from 10GB to only 20GB."-VNA