Japan’s Dentsu company praises Vietnamese engineers hinh anh 1Dentsu's headquaters in Tokyo (Source: Kyodo)
Tokyo (VNA) - Director of Japan’s Dentsu company Iri Kazuaki has said that Vietnamese engineers have made important contributions to its operations over recent years.

Dentsu specialises in technical design for important infrastructure in Japan, such as optical cable systems, cable television, 5G data transmission networks, mobile information, and railway communications systems.

Ten Vietnamese engineers are currently working for the company in Japan and 85 others at its branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Kazuaki lauded the Vietnamese engineers for being diligent and careful with a good basic knowledge. After a certain period in the workplace, they are able to perform many roles.

Many experienced Vietnamese engineers in Japan could be responsible for providing technical guidance or instructions on site.

Five of the 10 Vietnamese engineers have earned Japanese national certificates on electrical engineering, while the remainders are expected to join a competition to earn them.

According to Kazuaki, the company plans to recruit 400 Vietnamese engineers over the next five years.

Figures from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed that Japan was home to the largest number of Vietnamese citizens living and working abroad last year, with more than 443,000, followed by those from China, with over 419,000, and the Philippines with more than 184,000./.