The Khanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has introduced mechanisms and policies to support farmers involved in aquaculture.

The sector has also invested in infrastructure for concentrated farming areas and high technology, to encourage farmers to apply new methods in their production.

Local farmers are focusing on lobster and fish breeding in key farming areas in Nha Trang city, Cam Ranh city, Ninh Hoa town, and Van Ninh district.

They have also promoted sea snails, oysters, pearls, and seaweed farming, to help improve incomes.

Aquaculture, however, bears a number of potential risks.

Khanh Hoa province has also identified investment solutions, capital sources, and consumption markets, and formulated mechanisms and policies for the development of its fisheries sector.

It currently has over 250 production farms with an output of more than 6.2 billion seeds and a commercial shrimp farming area on more than 2,000 hectares./.