The southern province of Kien Giang aims to welcome more than 8 million holidaymakers in 2019.


The number of tourists coming to the province is projected to rise 9.2 percent from 7.6 million to 8.3 million visitors in 2019. Kien Giang also hopes to exceed 292 million USD in tourism revenue, a 10 percent increase compared to last year.

On the basis of proficient exploitation, potential and strengths such as ecotourism and marine tourism, Kien Giang will continue focusing on finalising tourism development plans. Detailed plans on tourism hotspots, attractive tourist routes and key tourist areas will be taken into consideration.

Apart from Phu Quoc island, the province is paying attention to developing island tourism in Nam Du, Lại Sơn and Bà Lụa islands. It is also initiating tourist routes in Phu Quoc and U Minh Thuong National Parks.-VNA