More than 70,000 Vietnamese labourers went to work abroad from January to October, with Taiwan attracting 40,000, statistics show.

Vietnam Investment Review quoted statistics from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs’ Overseas Labour Management Department (OLMD) as saying that Taiwan still ranked as the largest market for Vietnamese labourers in October and the country aims to send 80,000 workers abroad this year.

Between October 20 and November 14, the OLMD licensed about 2,000 to work in Taiwan and that figure is expected to rise to 10,000 by early February 2014.

Ninety percent of labourers went to work in factories, and a small number worked as nurses for rest-homes and other medical facilities.

According to the Vietnamese Labour Management Board in Taiwan, one key factor attracting workers to the country was the increase of the basic salary for guest workers to 13.3 million VND (630 USD) per month.

They added that expenses paid by workers for procedures prior to leaving are only around 3,000 USD. Taiwan is increasing its overseas labour recruitments to offset its manpower shortfall.

Top labour exporters are Hutraserco Limited, Cienco 8, Oleco, Halasuco, and Hycolasec.

Deputy general director of Hyoclasec Pham Ngoc Minh said the average income of guest workers in Taiwan range from 17.5-21 million VND (830-1,000 USD) per month, with workers able to save between 570-715 USD per month.

After a period of stagnancy, firms have also started labour exports to the Middle East and Africa, particularly Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The pay for guest workers at construction sites in Bahrain ranges from 8-25 million VND (380-1,200 USD) per month, depending on profession. In Saudi Arabia, they are paid from 7-27 million VND (330-1,285 USD) per month, based on skills and work requirements.

Qatar has attracted nearly 2,000 Vietnamese guest works so far this year, mostly in construction, with pay ranging from 7-11 million VND (330-520 USD) per month.

For the African markets, the OLMD just licensed Hoang Long Limited to recruit 110 truck drivers and construction workers to go to Angola. Employer Avir Company plans to pay them more than 800 USD per month. Avir will also pay for their air tickets.

After several years of delays, Libya has just opened up with a test programme that receive 200 manual labourers with pay ranging from 300-1,000 USD a month.-VNA